GCT Now ADE…How Did I Get So Lucky? 4

I have been very fortunate this past year. I had the opportunity to attend the Google Teacher Academy in New York City in October and visited Facebook Headquarters in Palo Alto in December to discuss digital citizenship education with definetheline.ca. This week I will begin another journey at the Apple Distinguished Educator institute in Austin […]

Part 2: Why we need to learn how to speak “Social Media” 4

In my last post I provided rationale for why it is so important to teach our students how to harness the power of social media and learn how to build their digital identities. When I provide this workshop I address the facts that everyone needs to know in order for them to move forward. The […]

Why we need to learn how to speak “Social Media”!

We often believe that our students are extremely savvy when it comes to using social media. I wish that was the case, I am sure there are some – however not the students that I met recently. For the past four months I have visited six high schools and presented to over 2000 high school […]

Why Schools Need to Teach Technology, Not Ban It 1

During my last seven years as a teacher and consultant, I have borne witness to the technological digital shift in education. When I began my education career in 2005 at the tender age of 23, I had little idea what I was about to face. I was given an unheard of mixture of classes and […]