Saving Images with Google+ on Shared iPads

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Here is the scenario: you have access to shared carts or a few iPads but want to find an easy way to get your photos off the devices. You want to get those images off the iPad but don’t want to manually take the images and videos off the devices.  Here is a solution for you: Use Google+ with your students as a workflow solution when they take pictures and videos on shared iPads (or other devices for that matter). You can share them on an iCloud account with the shared iPads but you are limited to five gigabytes of space. With Google+ Photos, you essentially have unlimited storage space of your photos and videos as long as you keep resolution of the images under 2048×2048 pixels and videos are less than 15 minutes long and have 1080p resolution or less.


Application to the Classroom:


Thank you Dee Lanier for this great idea!


1. Set up a dummy account – preferably on the apps domain turning GMail and Drive off.

2. Install Google+ app on iOS devices and log into dummy account.

3. Activate auto upload on all devices

4. View all images and videos from Google+ account


Now you can share class events easily with parents. You can tag students faces to their images to organize videos and photo albums so that they can easily be found. You would also be able to save albums and share them with people in your circles.


You will be able to access your images and video when you go to photos on your Google+ Page. You can also access them at On Picasa you can share the albums that are generated with your images with specific people you give access to. When you tag someone in the album, they receive a notification and can see the photo and the related album.


Here is how you set it up:


IMG_0608  IMG_0609IMG_0610 IMG_0611



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