What I Do

I work as an educational strategist helping schools and districts navigate the instructional needs of their students, teachers, and staff. I am available on short term and long term contracts.

  • I can help establish a step by step customized digital citizenship plan to specifically target the needs of your students and teachers.
  • I can assist your team with guidance on the implementation and visioning of educational technologies.


I am also available for Speaking Engagements:

Keynote: ReBranding Digital Citizenship

Popular Presentations:

Harnessing the Power of Social Media

Do your students understand how to use technology in a safe and responsible way? This session will address a framework for teaching digital citizenship in your class and provide ideas of how you can begin to teach your students how to build their digital identities using social media and Google tools.

Starting Your Early Footprint with iPads and Blogger

We want to encourage our students to begin to create and publish content at an early age. However, what does that look like for early elementary grades (K-3)? This session will address the necessary digital citizenship aspects that need to be evaluated before having students publish work that is visible for the world to see. Topics will include approaching parental engagement, addressing concerns for student safety, and the digital literacies we need to be teaching our students when using technology. This session will introduce practical pedagogical strategies for using iPads and Blogger with your students as a way to begin developing a digital footprint. Whether you are teaching in a 1:1 environment, or using shared iPads, this session will work for you. 

Redefining Creation With Chromebooks 

Chromebooks have huge potential in the area of creation. Unfortunately, they are frequently used solely as word processors and for research. There are so many opportunities for creation on Chromebooks; we just need to rethink what creation looks like! This session will look at how you can redefine your classroom using Google Apps for Education and the Web using Chromebooks or even the Chrome Browser.

Design, Plan and Execute – Getting Started with Digital Portfolios and Google Sites

Our students have the unique ability to create their own positive identity online, but to do so, they need to learn essential skills such as how to curate, communicate, and share their knowledge as well as how to cultivate their voice in a powerful way. This session will provide practical strategies for getting your students started with digital portfolios using Google Sites. We will be looking at what students need to know in terms of the process of design, elements that should be included, and strategies for getting students’ creations seen by an authentic audience. 

EduSlam: The Power of Crowdsourced Learning

Looking for ideas that you can use in your classroom tomorrow? Time to learn how to crowdsource innovative teaching ideas in this hands-on, participant driven workshop. In this session, you will learn how to use the crowd to curate professional development and game-changing lessons that you can implement in your classroom right away. For even more fun, we will ask the best ideas of the day to be on an EduSlam episode.

Critical Thinking and the Web: Search Strategies in a Google Infused World

With such an abundance of information available, we need to teach effective search strategies to help our students become digitally literate. This session will look at the information literacies that should be taught at the different grade levels. We will discuss ideas of how we can begin to pop the filter bubble that surrounds us on the web. You will leave with practical EduSlam search tips and tricks that will knock your students’ socks off.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Use Word Art – Creation Literacies

Using digital technology, our students are becoming global contributors of information. As their role evolves, so should our emphasis on creation literacies and design. Both teachers and students need to understand the importance of being able to create and design work that others will want to consume. In this session we will look at how design plays a crucial role in any product. We will highlight the importance of design and pedagogical principles that help us build effective products using slides, sites, blogs, and video.



The iPad Classroom – One, two and three day workshops

Google and Google Apps for Education Trainings and Bootcamps

Google for Administrators

Googlize Your Classroom

Google Chromebooks in Education – Pushing for Redefinition with Google Tools

Contact me: tanya@tanyaavrith.com